Fortune Cookie

I recently discovered that fortunes from a cookie can be applied to the past rather than just the future. I got a fortune saying, “An important piece of advice may come from a child.” At first I thought children are stupid, no way should I heed this advice. Then I considered that it might be using “child” as a metaphor. Maybe it meant my immature, 24-year-old brother will say something meaningful. But as I was reading an educational book, I noticed a line that mentioned how parents and their children sometimes perceive each other. It described the way the child perceives the parent exactly the way my mom perceives me, and the way the parent perceives the child the exact way I perceive my mom. That is when I remembered an hour-long conversation I had with my mother the previous day. In the conversation she specifically told me, “Here is some advice for you.” The fortune may have gotten to me late and have not considered age a factor in adulthood as I do, but it did tell me something helpful. I should look back and consider what was told to me by my child-like mother.

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