You Are the Age You Act

I often find it rather difficult to understand the actions of my family members. Typically, when I spend extended periods of time trying to create an explanation for their actions, I can feel my sanity quickly draining. I rarely discover any meaningful purpose for the things they do, and it takes a toll on my brain. In order to curtail the painful process of trying to make sense of their behaviors, I have categorized them into different age brackets. Their age then determines the likelihood to do something crazy.

For example, if my brother walks past the bathroom, goes outside, and pees in the front yard, I do not try to understand the motives for this. I accept it as a reasonably normal thing for a five-year-old to do. Sure, he is now twenty-five and has been doing this since he was twenty-three, but this behavior falls into the category of a five-year-old, as do nearly all of his behaviors. Thus, his always acting completely ridiculous becomes quite understandable. He is a twenty-five-year-old five-year-old.

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