Another Year, Another Christmas, Same Family


I figured that since I talk about my family so much, I should post a picture of them. This picture contains my mom, step dad, step sister, brother, and sister (my parents are split, so you will not find my father, whom I have previously posted about, in this photo). I will not be posting anything about my step dad and step sister, since I do not see them often and they are actually sane people, but I still thought this was the most appropriate photo and explains my family better than any other. It is the only one I have of us where none of us was trying to pose for a camera. It was snapped between us posing for Christmas photos. My sister’s boyfriend was behind the camera and decided to snap a picture while none of us was paying any attention. This is what was happening at the time.

 My mom was looking down because she had some strange idea about how bringing her head up right as the next picture was taken would make it better. To be honest, I think she was trying to just make us all look dumb as a joke; however, only my sister blindly followed her direction, as my sister is the other women with her head down. My brother is the man in the front right of the photograph. He, for some inexplicable reason, was motorboating the air at the time. My step sister is the girl standing up that is looking at my brother with a face that I think shows quite well what she was thinking at the time — if any other human being was motorboating the air like that, I would be confused, but considering who it is, it just makes complete sense. My step dad is the man on the left of the photograph that looks like he cannot wait for this to be over. He had been standing there for ten minutes too long already. And that leaves me. I am the one with my face in my hands. The one who cannot understand how he is a part of this family. The one who cannot believe another year has gone by, yet none of his family members has matured one bit. Now, this was last year’s picture, so who knows, maybe this year will be different. To be honest though, I doubt it.

I am interested to hear what everyone else thinks of this photo. Feel free to comment and let me know. Also, if you have not seen anything I have written about my family yet, and are curious after seeing this photo, then I suggest you go to my blog and click on the “My Family” link.

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2 Responses to Another Year, Another Christmas, Same Family

  1. koipsu says:

    wow, i feel like this picture describes a lot of your family in a single image

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