I is Stupid… and Really Bored!

Again… those typed messages that you can go back and revisit. They always highlight that I might not be as sane as I had hoped. Let me set the context for this post. I wanted to message my friend whose Steam account said that he was online. Unfortunately, this did not mean he was in front of his computer. I discovered this quite early on in the conversation but continued it anyways. Basically, this is a conversation I had with myself in the Steam chat box. My name is Closure.

Closure: hey

Closure: i said hello, god damn it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Closure: well, “hey,” to be exact

Closure: but you get the point

Closure: please do respond at some point in time

Closure: i hate doing research on my own, and i think i can bypass that with a little help from you

Closure: by research, i mean google searches

(after a considerable wait)

Closure: it’s like you don’t even care about me anymore… ):

Closure: i would’ve made a crying face but I’m not exactly sure how to do that

Closure: so i had to settle for the frowney-face

Closure: i think it still manages to express my emotions at this time fairly well.

Closure: i don’t know though

Closure: it kind of depends on how you interpret mr. frowner-face

Closure: mr. frowney-face*

Closure: my bad

Closure: well…

Closure: i gave up on you

Closure: and did my own research

Closure: took a whole two to three minutes of my time.

Closure: you should spend at least that much time reflecting on how you just hurt my feelings and wasted two to three minutes of my time.

Closure: in a very busy day

Closure: i mean… sure i had no classes today

Closure: so not busy in that sense

Closure: but…

Closure: other things take time too

Closure: i have to shower today

Closure: that takes time

Closure: and a little bit of effort

Closure: in case you didn’t know

Closure: you probably knew

Closure: but just in case

Closure: )…:

Closure: i thought that might be the crying face

Closure: but it’s not

Closure: just weird

Closure: not even sure it’s a face anymore

Closure: )*:

Closure: closer

Closure: )^:

Closure: i made a snowman’s face

Closure: see the carrot nose

Closure: but still not a crying face

Closure: )_:

Closure: nope

Closure: still not it

Closure: i bet you know how to do this

Closure: and you just aren’t telling

Closure: that’s rude

Closure: ),:

Closure: fuck this

Closure: this is difficult

Closure: i am not a problem solver

Closure: );

Closure: a frowney-winky face

Closure: got to find a use for that

Closure: one day

Closure: just tell me how to do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Closure: you think this is funny don’t you.

Closure: you probably do

Closure: how dare you enjoy my misery

Closure: which i cannot seem to express correctly

Closure: )`:

Closure: ehhhh?????

Closure: ~ you think mexican chicks like when you put “~” in your text?

Closure: sorry, i got a little distracted

Closure: I’m starting to think this is steam’s fault

Closure: maybe you can’t do it in the steam chat box

Closure: :`C

Closure: I’m going to have to get more creative

Closure: D`:

Closure: god damn! it is impossible

Closure: O`:

Closure: this isn’t helping at all

Closure: maybe i should google this shit

Closure: google says this T.T is an anime crying face

Closure: not sure if that’s true

Closure: but you can kind of see it

Closure: bulllfuckingshit

Closure: according to google

Closure: this is the real crying face: :'(

Closure: that’s a shitty crying face

Closure: it doesn’t look good at all

Closure: wasted all my god damn time finding out text crying faces are stupid as shit.

Closure: you knew that the whole though, didn’t you?

Closure: and you just let me go

Closure: let me waste my god damn time

Closure: add another couple minutes to your reflection time.

Closure: cause this hurts deep

Closure: looking at my text at a few lines back, i see that i for got to put the word “time” after “you knew the whole.” You see what i’m trying to say here? i was trying to say, you knew the whole god damn motherfucking time though, didn’t you?

Closure: but it just came out wrong

Closure: i now see that I also made “forgot” two words.

Closure: strange decision

Closure: I also realized a bit ago, that I have not been capitalizing the word I. And we all know I is very important, so I should always be capitalized.

Closure: You know what I is doing right now?

Closure: being capitalized, bitch!

Closure: That’s what I is doing.

Closure: And guess what I is doing later tonight?

Closure: still being capitalized!

Closure: excuse the foul language. I am still a little upset about the crying face thing.

Closure: although I cannot remember why I wanted a crying face.

Closure: are you really still not there?

Closure: or are you just seeing how long I will keep doing this for?

Closure: if it’s the latter, then that’s rude

Closure: and…

Closure: what could you possibly have to do on a friday night?

Closure: only murderers and drug dealers are out on friday nights.

Closure: well… that might not be entirely true.

Closure: but you get the point

Closure: only bad things happen on friday nights.

Closure: I missed my mom’s birthday.

Closure: I is stupid

Closure: I had no clue

Closure: didn’t even know what month we are in

Closure: she called me and said something about her birthday

Closure: and I had to ask her what the date is today

Closure: Apparently, it’s the day after her birthday.

Closure: but I kind of made up for it, because when she asked me if I knew how old she is

Closure: my guess was only a year off

Sanity: How long have you been messaging me…?

Closure: oh

Closure: hey

Closure: ummm

Closure: i don’t know

Sanity: I was just scrolling back and holy shit

Closure: don’t see how that is important

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