Today, I Am Special; Tomorrow, I Am Absolutely Screwed


Today is my birthday. For the entirety of the day, I will shun the rest of the world. Am I a masochistic, antisocial creature bent on avoiding accomplishing anything including creating a smile on my face? Yes, but that is not why I have shunned the world today. It is because this time of the year is finals week. Not only am I scheduled for five closing shifts this week at work, but I have three finals tomorrow alone. My birthday has always come at the wrong time (probably because it does not change from year to year). It is a time for increased stress and busy days. Sometimes, it feels like my birthday has just become a day of distractions for my studying.


Though for this year, I have managed to convince everyone that my birthday is not for another week. Well… I did not literally convince them my birthday has changed (my mom just would not fall for it), but I have delayed its celebration date. An achievement that was not easy to come by. How have I taken advantage of this accomplishment? By maintaining the same level of productivity through more avoiding studying. Sounds stupid, and it probably is. I now have extra time for studying that I did not previously expect, and thus, am using it to procrastinate. Surely, an anticipated human reaction. But sometimes, it just feels good to be a normal human being.




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3 Responses to Today, I Am Special; Tomorrow, I Am Absolutely Screwed

  1. SoundEagle says:

    Happy Birthday to you, camjo3!

    Many Happy Returns!

  2. Rooan says:

    Happy Late Birthday! Sorry that I had to say this on the day your screwed! Haha!
    I just read all your posts!
    You’re a really good writer! Keep it up! I enjoyed your posts, very entertaining!
    Looking forward to your future posts! (:
    If you have time please read my new post of my novel! Hehe!

  3. camjo3 says:

    Thank you for the birthday wishes. And to Rooan, I received that message in my email ten minutes before “the day I was screwed.” I am sure it was due to time differences that made you believe you were late, but you were not.

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