Philosophy Class??? No, thanks.

Sometimes school can be difficult to take seriously, especially when you are forced to take a philosophy class. Fortunately, my philosophy professor afforded me some room for freedom and creativity in our homework assignments. Having just looked over the titles of all the assignments I completed during the semester, I recall how little I could focus on philosophy as opposed to jokes.

Here are the titles of my homework assignments and papers (the content of the assignments were about as serious as their titles):

  • An Imaginary Conversation Between Myself and a Friend
  • Failed Attempts at Completing Homework 2
  • Life is Confusing… and so is Philosophy
  • I Know I Never Turned It In (since I was absent the day it was due and it was a very time-sensitive homework), but as a Heads Up, My Imaginary Friend, John, Quit in the Last Homework
  • Non-imaginary (Real) Conversations with My Friends (With our Online Profile Names)
  • I Would Say That God is Dead (But Someone Beat Me to It)
  • Jokes I’m Thinking of While Everyone Else is Talking During Class
  • Inertia: In Reference to the Effort Required to Get Cameron Talking about Philosophy
  • Either I Need to Start Believing in God or Stop Believing In Negative Numbers
  • Hi, Person, How Are You? Good, Person, How About Yourself?
  • Retroactive Fortune Cookie
  • In Response to that Person in our Class that Said He Would Hit Someone Who Made Fun of His Mommy (yes, I haven’t forgotten, and yes, it still bugs me). Let Go of Your Pride: A Manual on How to Avoid Physical Altercations (Basically responses to fighting words that either aim to diminish violent tendencies or avoid retaliation)

For our final project I had this as a header and title…

Name: If you can’t figure out whose this is, then I didn’t do a good job.

Professor’s Name: I’m pretty sure you know your own name by now.

Course: It’s the same course it has been all semester long.

Date: Does the date really matter?

Daily Ponderings: I Don’t Know What to do with Myself (other than write random things that could possibly be associated with philosophy)

And these were the four subtitles I used in the project…

-Part I: I Tried My Best (90 Percent Effort) to Write Something With Thought/Substance

-Part II: I Have No Idea Why I Included This (Everyone Gets Bad Ideas; Some People Follow Through with Them ß Maybe That’s Why)

-Part III: I Just Can’t Stay Serious for Very Long

-Part IV: Stuff That Didn’t Make it into the Final Project (Until Now)

Well, surprisingly enough, I did not fail the class. So, overall, it was not that bad.

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