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Some of My Best Disses (For You Mr. Man)

1) Spaghetti won’t even let you eat it. 2) God accidentally let you be born. (He would have stopped it if he had been paying any attention) 3) Subway employees call you “Mr. Shithead.” 4) I call you, “the worst … Continue reading

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Us Mathematicians

I found this on a website full of nerdy jokes. I cannot remember the name of the site, but I felt I had to post this anyways. I used to be Physics major and am now a Math major. I … Continue reading

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Of Course, I Don’t Know

Person: You know you’re crazy, right? Cameron: Yeah… But I’m pretty sure if you know you’re crazy, then you’re not actually crazy. So I’m not crazy. Person: So, you don’t know.

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