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Philosophy Class??? No, thanks.

Sometimes school can be difficult to take seriously, especially when you are forced to take a philosophy class. Fortunately, my philosophy professor afforded me some room for freedom and creativity in our homework assignments. Having just looked over the titles … Continue reading

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I HATE This Photo!! C’mon, Ask Me Why?

This! Just…. This! The photo I have posted is of my mother and me posing for a picture on Christmas in 2012. Why did I post this? Well… Let me start by saying this picture is cropped. It was originally … Continue reading

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Today, I Am Special; Tomorrow, I Am Absolutely Screwed

Today is my birthday. For the entirety of the day, I will shun the rest of the world. Am I a masochistic, antisocial creature bent on avoiding accomplishing anything including creating a smile on my face? Yes, but that is … Continue reading

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Some of My Best Disses (For You Mr. Man)

1) Spaghetti won’t even let you eat it. 2) God accidentally let you be born. (He would have stopped it if he had been paying any attention) 3) Subway employees call you “Mr. Shithead.” 4) I call you, “the worst … Continue reading

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I is Stupid… and Really Bored!

Again… those typed messages that you can go back and revisit. They always highlight that I might not be as sane as I had hoped. Let me set the context for this post. I wanted to message my friend whose … Continue reading

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Do I Always Sound Like This?

I hate sending mail, emails, or texts to people. The reason for this is simple — I am able to reread these messages. Often, when I read over my messages, I notice that, not only do I write poorly, but … Continue reading

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My Mom (Reason 1)

I can never tell if my mom is serious or joking. She tells jokes more often than any other person I know, but I cannot distinguish it from her being serious — for all I know, she might be telling … Continue reading

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