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Sad But True

I don’t get the point of horror movies. If I wanted to watch people die, I’d turn on the news. Advertisements

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Philosophy Class??? No, thanks.

Sometimes school can be difficult to take seriously, especially when you are forced to take a philosophy class. Fortunately, my philosophy professor afforded me some room for freedom and creativity in our homework assignments. Having just looked over the titles … Continue reading

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You Thought We Used Buses in India??

I will never understand some of the things my grandma says. She grew up in India where my dad was born. A couple of years ago, my brother and dad  went to India for vacation. My brother brought back pictures and … Continue reading

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Us Mathematicians

I found this on a website full of nerdy jokes. I cannot remember the name of the site, but I felt I had to post this anyways. I used to be Physics major and am now a Math major. I … Continue reading

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